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Birka Chemicals Inc. which was founded in 1953 started its first production by manufacturing Bleach from Cream of Lime and Hydrochloric Acid from Salt. In time, besides its product range, Birka's packaging evolved from using glass bottles to plastic containers and from using orange crates to modern cardboard boxes. In a short time Birka became a nationwide selling brand.

Birka became successful in adopting to liberal economic conditions. It succeeded in resisting to multinational corparation's extensive advertising campaigns. Birka, with its high quality products and competitive prices, managed to obtain a good share in Cleaning Products market. In the same time, Birka got specialized in products for special customers like hospitals, dairy farms, hotels and restaurants which need high technology and advanced production techniques.

High quality Products, Dedicated Customer Care and Service became the key to the respectable place earned in the Market.

Birka is proud of the level it reached by using only Turkish capital and its own technology. Today all Birka products are produced under ISO and TSE standards.

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